5 Things to Remember When Creating A Content Calendar

Content Calendar

Creating, organising and then publishing great content can be a hefty task, even for the best of us. Having to come up with new and exciting content ideas whilst ensuring everything is published on the right platform and the right time can quickly become chaotic and time-consuming. Having a content calendar is a simple and effective way to balance all of these things and ensure you get the most out of your ideas and content marketing efforts.

Why You Need a Content Calendar

Keeping your site up to date with fresh content is key to staying in Google’s good books, and as we all know, it's easier said than done. You also want to show your audience that you stay up to date and are actively releasing quality content.

With a content calendar, not only can you plan content for the next 6 months or even the whole year, but also use it following year to refer back to when reviewing what performed well, what didn't and what hasn't been covered. Forecasting ideas will save you time and allow you to manage work schedules around it.

To help you to stay organised and consistent with your content efforts I've covered all the key factors that you should consider when planning out your content calendar.

Organising Content into Themes

Organising your content into themes is one way of ensuring you are either creating content that is related to your product/service or grouping content that all has the same objective e.g to educate, entertain etc. It can also allow you to target specific audiences that have similarities such as location, gender or interests and then create focused campaigns from this information that will speak directly to this audience.

You should also look into what periods of the year affect your industry of work and whether or not you have seasonal peaks or industry events etc that you can take advantage of in your content.

For example, if your business specialises in camping gear, you could identify when the festival season starts. Then, when the time is right, you can push festival related content to promote your products whilst thousands of people are searching for products like yours.

Plan your Content around the Financial Time of the Year

Whether you're a big business with a big marketing budget, or a start-up that needs to be more savvy with your money, you need to remember how much you can invest and when.

For those with bigger budgets ,you need to plan how you can make good use out of your budget throughout the year. You may want to schedule bigger projects for the start of the financial year, such as investing in video content.

Video content is one of the best content formats for ROI (Return On Investment) so can also be a useful way to spend some of your budget. By scheduling this in around the start of the financial year, you will be able to ensure this piece of content gets delivered rather than having to make cuts when the budget get more scarce.

Also, you can consider months in the year where your customers may be trying to save money or are more willing to spend; a prime example is Christmas. You may have spared a large portion of your budget for this time of the year in which case your content will be affected by both budget and consumer spending habits.

Keeping On Top Of Trends

Looking at data online and trend forecasts can tell us a lot about when certain search queries are peaking . It's important to look at this kind of data as you can identify key periods

when your product is more frequently searched for and therefore release targeted content which will put you above competition.

For example, if you are an entertainment company, you might notice that people start planning for Christmas events five months beforehand. By identifying this trend you can then ensure you are publishing Christmas content early enough to target your customers

To do this you can use Google Trends to search for your products/areas of interest and see when they are most popular to promote.

A Clear and Concise Layout

Once you have done your research and have an idea on areas of content you can produce, you need to compose your findings into a calendar styled layout.

The trick is to make this as understandable to other members of your team as possible by keeping it as simple as you can. You also need a layout that allows additions and alterations to be made at a later date as who knows when an event or trend will occur.

Content Calendar Template

These are easy to create but if you need a bit of help or just for ease before you pour down all the ideas in your head, we have created a template for you to fill in! 

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