Facebook Introduces New Updates In 2018


We are almost halfway through the year and Facebook has already thrown launches at us from left, right and centre! At the recent R8 conference, Mark Zuckerberg announced multiple new and improved features that are due to be launched to the Facebook empire. These changes are taking steps towards creating global links and meaningful connections.

Introducing FaceDate

We all know someone who met their partner on Facebook, it might have even been you. This way of dating is due to increase as Facebook is launching its official dating platformFaceDate. You can opt in to create a profile to meet other lusters for love that are not on your friends list, so no awkward run ins with old school friends or work colleagues!

Sharing features with the likes of Tinder and Match, FaceDate has a good chance of successfully matching couples on their interests and profile info to create valuable connections. Facebook’s aim is to form lasting relationships.

Instagram; A Safe Place to Hang Out

Facebook isn’t only making changes to its platform but also to the other social media site it has acquired, Instagram. Their new changes will include adding two features; an Instagram video chat in the messaging section and a new and improved anti-bullying filter. This new video chat feature is already popular on Facebook’s Messenger and has the potential to trump Snapchat.

With the increasing amount of young people using social media platforms such as Instagram, you can not ignore the fact that it is another avenue for bullying to occur. Parents worry about how protected their children really are from nasty commenters online. With this knowledge, Instagram is taking the steps to implement a new filter in an attempt to eradicate bullying from their app. This will encourage users to also use their messaging feature to video chat with confidence that Instagram has protection filters in place.

Oculus Go Virtual Reality

In keeping with the latest development and trend of VR, Facebook is launching their Oculus Go VR headsets for $199, with a $50 extra upgrade from the 32GB version to the 64GB headset. Facebook has shifted into the world of hardware, creating a headset that does not rely on another company’s product to help it to function.

The Oculus Go operates solely and can literally just be put on with no fuss. With the aim to push virtual reality into 1 million homesFacebook aspires to bring people together in a virtual world who share common interests and connect with each other bringing people closer.

Oculus TV

Starting with Facebook Watch, eventually leading onto Netflix and HuluOculus TV allows you to access movies and tv series from your VR Headset. This is a great way to get users to spend more time using their headsets and prepare for future advances in Facebook features.

Clear History

Facebook already has privacy control settings, however, they are due to bring out their new feature called Clear History. Just as you clear your cookies from your web browser, this new feature will allow you to clear your history from Facebook. Users will be able to remove signs that show links your clicked, websites you have visited and searches you have made on the social media site.

Facebook believes that users have the right to use this and clear their history if they want to. However, this may have user experience implementations, just like you would if you cleared your browser cookies.

Welcome back App Reviews

After running audits of their current apps and implementing changes to protect users, Facebook has announced that they will be reopening their app reviewing process. This gives both developers and users the confidence that privacy and security is evident with Facebook. You can be more sure than ever that your personal information is protected from third party apps.

The Facebook app review is put into place to review any apps that they are linked to the social media platform. In doing this, Facebook can ensure the user has the best experience and has control over information they share with the app. They check factors such as only asking for data they really need, availability across varied devices and permissions that are to improved user experience. Although they have not given us a time for when Facebook are going to restart with app reviews, the form is still on the website in order to submit your app to be reviewed.

The Future of Facebook

With the promise of all of the above and a final comment from the CEO Mark Zuckerberg that we will experience 3D imagery and VR memories on Facebook, we have a lot to look forward to. The logistics of how Facebook will accomplish 3D photos online is yet to be brought to light but we have no doubt that they going to blow us away in the near and far future.

The idea of being taken back to a time and place in the past via an image on VR is incredible and is an idea to keep and eye on as the world of VR only continues to blossom, especially in Facebook’s hands.