How to Tidy Up Your Social Media Profile Before a Job Interview

social media profile

Social Media can easily ruin your chances of getting your dream job, not even the best interview in the world can compensate for an offensive post, comment or photo. Before a job interview you should take the time to thoroughly audit your social media accounts, assume that your future employer will definitely look through them.

By general rule of thumb...if you wouldn’t want your mum to see it, delete it!

1) Google yourself

A simple google search may bring to the surface old posts and accounts you may have forgotten about. Something you tweeted on an old Twitter account a decade ago? It may have seemed like forever ago but it’s easy enough for the internet to find it. Deactivate all of the accounts you no longer use.

2) Leave no stone unturned

In order to guarantee you uncover any potentially damaging posts, it's important to thoroughly scan through all of your profiles. Check any public account, your photos and tags on Facebook and Instagram and scroll through your twitter feed. Any posts using offensive language must be removed. Any photos where you’re doing anything offensive, making any rude gestures or where you have clearly had a drink, delete and untag yourself. Don’t forget to check your likes and retweets, too!

3) If you aren’t sure, delete it anyway

It would be terrible to ruin your chances of getting a job because of something you have posted in the past. An embarrassing photo or offensive comment can definitely put a future employer off, if you think somebody could take your content the wrong way, wipe it! 

4) Let your friends know

Controlling your own posts is easy enough, but not what you’re tagged in. Let your friends know that you’re keeping your social media professional and to refrain from tagging you in anything that wouldn’t be deemed acceptable. If you have a private account, let them know which it is and tag away!

5) Use your social media to your advantage

Ensure that your LinkedIn profile is up to date and reflects your qualities. If a future employer is going to look at any of your social media, their first port of call will most likely be LinkedIn. Keep your profile professional and keep job titles and descriptions recent. Even though this is a social network and a joke is welcome here and there, it is a corporate platform and shouldn’t be treated the same as Twitter. Share relevant business content and utilise the platform to network with other professionals.

Obviously you can set your account to private, although this doesn’t hide everything you’re tagged in. This also doesn’t guarantee that old content will not resurface due to ever-changing privacy settings, so always have a good check of your platforms. Remember, if you wouldn’t want your mum to see it, don’t post it!