Social Media
Champions Digital | 05th October 2018
Twitter has incorporated many features to keep up with the digital landscape of 2018. Here's our rundown on some of the social media platform's most exciting features.
Testing Payment Gateways
Tatenda Chuma
Tatenda Chuma | 03rd October 2018
Payment Gateways have become the lifeblood of modern e-commerce serving as the ferry between product or service and payment. Famous examples such as Paypal have made users’ access to Amazon, EBay, and other e-commerce portals efficient and safe.…
Content Calendar
Georgia Haslam
Georgia Haslam | 12th September 2018
Creating, organising and then publishing great content can be a hefty task, even for the best of us. Having to come up with new and exciting content ideas whilst ensuring everything is published on the right platform and the right time can quickly…
Email Marketing Mistakes
Rebbecca Edwards
Rebecca Edwards | 10th September 2018
Email marketing is one of the most effective forms of business generation. It generates around 29 billion in retail sales annually and has an estimated ROI of £32 on every £1 spent. What’s more 73% of marketers rate email as their best digital…