Outreach & Digital PR

The art of Digital PR is to successfully project your voice online. It is about using the right channels to promote engaging content and connect with your ideal audience. Whether you are a start-up or a long-established business, PR plays a vital role in building your brand both on and offline.

As a leading PR agency, we work with top UK brands and growing SME's to devise Digital PR campaigns that deliver. Our PR specialists action successful strategies that get your voice heard. By putting your brand in powerful places, we increase brand awareness, drive engagement and boost your SEO rankings.

With extensive experience within the PR industry, we know how to make the biggest impact amongst the audience that matters most.


Like traditional PR, Digital PR is the art of using different channels and online publications to support media relations and brand communications. Typically, a digital PR campaign will involve:

  • Developing an SEO-friendly Digital Strategy
  • Distributing press releases
  • Building & utilising media relations
  • Seeking new opportunities

From the initial meeting, right through to the end of the campaign, you will be working with our in-house digital PR experts. They will work with you and our SEO specialists to create high-quality content that secures strong rankings and is shared across the internet.

Digital PR and SEO go hand in hand because they provide great benefits for each other.

Digital PR involves focuses on building brand awareness and authority by relying a message through influential channels. SEO focuses on producing quality content that secure high rankings by being shared across the web.

Therefore, Digital PR can help to improve your SEO efforts by ensuring your brand is mentioned by powerful publications and securing valuable backlinks. But in reverse, SEO can help PR teams to identity popular topics and good ideas for content.


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