Pursuit and Drupal

Drupal Commerce Pursuit Integration

Speed up your sales process and keep customers happy with an all-in-one POS system

As the perfect solution of retailers, manufacturers and wholesalers, Pursuit is the leading sales system that makes selling your products easier and more efficient. As all-encompassing solution Pursuit enables you to save time on manual tasks and invest more in growing your business.

Providing a seamless two-way integration between your CMS and Pursuit, our module provides access to real-time data transfers that make managing your inventory, products, orders, stock levels and customer accounts simple and hassle-free.

Unlike other solutions available today, we have custom-built our Pursuit integration module to work seamlessly with Drupal Commerce. Instead of using a generalised solution, we have developed a bespoke solution that compatible with your specific CMS to reduce restrictions and provide a smoother integration process. As a result, we can create a flawless sales process that keeps both retailers and customers happy.

As one package does not fit all, we can either provide you with the module or offer a full-integration service, where our expert team is on hand to manage the integration process. Once the project is complete, they will still be around to offer a helping hand and ensure everything continues to run smoothly.

What you can expect

Quick installation
Real-time data transfers and updates
Easy-to-use Interface
Expert Support
Flexible expansion
Increased productivity