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Farmfoods British Par 3


To create an alternative solution for controlling ticket sales and the distribution process. To subsequently promote the Farmfoods British Par 3 online for both sponsorship and sale purposes.


To make selling tickets easier, we created a custom website using Z Framework. By creating a bespoke web design, we could integrate a booking system that tailors to our client’s needs. Additionally, we provide the opportunity to share valuable information about the event and attract customers and sponsors online.

Our web team also developed a mobile app that enables our clients to scan tickets at the event entrance and control entry in a more efficient manner.


Following the launch of the website, our client saw a significant increase in the number of ticket sales and found the new process of distributing ticket much more efficient. They could remove the cost of printing and sending ticket by direct mail, which also removed the chance of tickets not arriving on time or due to human error.

With the app, our clients are now able to make the event run more smoothly and reduce the time it takes to control attends and record attendances.

Farmfoods British Par 3