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To design and build an eCommerce website that is scalable, easy to integrate with third-party applications and performance driven. The website must reflect the Lumbers brand and drive high-end jewellery sales.


Choosing to use Magento, our web team built a new bespoke website that is responsive, secure and able to sell more products.

To make managing stock easier, we integrated their existing till system and safely redirected the whole website to the new to transfer all the product descriptions and information for registered customers. They also provide Lumbers with the ability to reduce cart abandonment and send promotional eshots using the information collected from their website.


With their new user and SEO-friendly website, Lumbers have seen a significant uplift in website traffic and sales. Since launching last October, the website has attracted a total of 13,728 users and generated over 93,673 page views.

Whilst the previous website did very little for the Lumbers brand, the new website is now a prominent sales tool and a platform that can grow with the business.

93673 page views
13,728 new users