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To revamp and increase the size of existing website in order to allow for more products and to increase online sales. To simultaneously drive traffic to the websites, increase sales and sell Semilacs products on the Google Shopping Channel. market.


Using a multi-channel strategy, we built a new Magento website, launched a large-scale PPC campaign and promoted Semilac’s product through creative social media marketing.

Starting with the website, we built a new bespoke website and securely migrated all of the product and members information. By using Magento, we were able to provide a secure eCommerce platform which an integrated payment system and the ability to view the website in more than one language.

The PPC and social media marketing campaigns were used to drive traffic to the website and generate more sales. We focused our PPC campaign on both branded and non-branded search terms to target different audiences and put Semilac's products in a competitive position.


Since the launch of the new website, we have seen a significant rise in the level of user engagement and seen an increased performance on mobile, desktop and tablet. By making the website more user and search engine friendly, we reduced the bounce rate by 7% which equates as 4,754 sessions whilst generating £8,400 revenue.

With the PPC and Google Shopping campaigns, we achieved 1.25 million impressions for a cost of £2,250, yielding returns of £55,500. By achieving great results, we were able to reduce the campaign budget by 14% and in turn, increase the total conversion value by 39%.