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Boost your traffic, leads and sales with strategic pay-per-click advertising.

Pay-per-click advertising is one of the most powerful paid marketing investments a business can make. With a strong PPC strategy, businesses can receive a greater return from affordable investment.

As official Google Partners, we are trusted to deliver high performance PPC campaigns for some of the country's biggest brands and growing SMEs. Our certified Google AdWords experts specialise in creating high return campaigns that enable brands to outshine their competitors by strengthening their online exposure. 

We'll work with you to create a bespoke PPC strategy that supports the goals and of your business, whilst also ensuring you get the very most our of your advertising budget. With our forward-thinking approach and extensive experience in PPC marketing, we can help you generate relevant traffic and profitable leads for your website. 

By combining data-driven processes with regular investment in the latest technology and training, we're fully equipped to manage effective campaigns that deliver quick results with a great ROI. 

We offer a range of elite PPC services including: paid search advertising, E-commerce PPCdisplay advertising, Google Shopping, remarketing and PPC audits. Our pay-per-click experts will oversee and manage your PPC campaign, ensuring your website is set up to achieve maximum visibility. 

Why you need PPC Advertising:

In the competitive online market, pay-per-click advertising has become an essential marketing channel for many businesses. Often referred to as Google advertising, search engine advertising or paid search, PPC advertising is seen to provide many benefits to a business.

Whether your brand is recognised globally or locally, PPC marketing can dramatically impact your business performance. Besides generating more traffic, leads and sales for your business, pay-per-click advertising helps to build brand awareness, create new opportunities and gain a larger market share.

As a highly-targeted marketing technique, PPC advertising through Google AdWords targets an audience that is already actively searching for your products or services. By targeting these users, you increase your chance of conversion and expand your reach.

Strategic PPC marketing also supports your SEO and organic traffic efforts by increasing your footprint for brand related searches. With controllable spending and testing capabilities, it is also one of the most effective and efficient marketing methods for maximising your return on investment. Whether you have a limited or expansive budget, you can still achieve fantastic results.

With our PPC services you can:

  • Achieve immediate results
  • Enhance search engine visibility
  • Increase conversion rates
  • Inflate online revenue
  • Build brand awareness
  • Control your spending
  • Target a specific audience

Our Promise to You

Increase in online revenue
Increase in online revenue
Higher conversion rate
Higher conversion rate
Greater return on your investment
Greater return on your investment
Heightened brand awareness
Heightened brand awareness


Pay-per-click advertising works by paying for each click your advert receives. Instead of paying a set amount for an advertisement space, you bid for your chosen keywords and then pay your specified amount when a user clicks on your advert.

To retain a high-ranking ad position, your advert must be judged as the best advert to display. To achieve this, your maximum bid needs to be at least 1p above the next highest bidder and your advert must be relevant, include keywords and link to a high-quality landing page.

Whilst pay-per-click advertising is offered on a range of search and social platforms, it is most commonly associated with Google, Bing and leading social platforms like Facebook.

The positioning of your advert varies on each platform. On most search engines, your search network adverts will be displayed at the top and bottom of the results page. Whereas, on social media platforms, PPC adverts tend to be positioned down the side or within the main news feed.

Search Network Advertising: Search network advertising is a type of PPC advertising that involves writing text based adverts to be shown on search engines such as Google and Bing. Each time a user searches using your chosen keyword, one of your adverts will be displayed on the search results page.

Display Advertising: Display advertising is typically known as banner ads. It is a form of PPC advertising that involves displaying a graphic banner to your target audience when they are browsing online.

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