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Charity Advertising

The Google Grant scheme provides charities with a great opportunity to drive valuable traffic and create awareness, all for free. Providing over £6000 of free PPC advertising, a Google Grant can make a huge impact on your online performance.

As experts in Google Grants and PPC management, we help charities to successfully apply for their grant and yield outstanding results. From your application, through to the management of your campaigns, we are here to ensure your budget is spent efficiently and delivers the best results at the lowest cost.

At Champions Digital, we understand the value that Google Ad Grants can bring, so we stay-up-to date with the latest changes to the ad scheme to avoid penalties and stay within Google's guidelines.

Start the process of applying for your Google Ad Grant by speaking with our charity advertising experts.

What you can expect

Increased web traffic
Performance-driven PPC strategy
Proficient account management
Enhanced digital presence
Expert advice and support

Our Process


Assisting with or managing your initial application to ensure you are within the guidelines and requirements.


Developing a custom strategy and creating an account structure that will provide an optimal performance


Setting up your campaigns, ad groups, keyword lists, ad content and ad extensions.


Launching your campaigns and actively manging your ads with testing, bid adjustments and further keyword research.


As of January 2018, Google has tightened its regulations as part of wider effort to improve the relevancy of the adverts shown to users. The new regulations include:

  • All campaigns feature at least 2 ad groups
  • All ad groups feature at least 2 active ads
  • We have multiple sitelink and ad extensions across all campaigns
  • The click-through rate must stay above 5%
  • The account is logged into at least once a month
  • A change to the account must be made every 90 days

The Google Ad grant applies to search advertising so you can only produce text based adverts that will appear on Google's search results page. These adverts can then appear either at the top or bottom of the page.

Fortunately, there are very few limitations for the Google grant as it was designed to help charities in their marketing efforts. The grant can only be used on the search network and keyword bids cannot go above $2. However, adverts placed on Google's search network are still seen by millions and with the right strategy, you can overcomes any challenge presented by the bid cap.


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