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Ecommerce PPC

Right now, people are actively searching for a product like yours. With Ecommerce PPC you can put your products at the top of search engines and ensure potential buyers find exactly what they are looking for.

Whether consumers make a purchase online or in-store, most buying processes start with a search query. By developing a successful PPC strategy, you can target customers at the start of their journey and ensure your products provide the answer to their needs.

As a Google accredited PPC agency, we specialise in creating and managing high performing eCommerce PPC campaigns. We work with businesses of all sizes to achieve a greater ROI and a lower advertising spend from delivering highly-targeted PPC campaigns across various channels.

So, whether you are looking to promote a unique product or sell an entire range, we know how to provide the best solution for you.

What you can expect

Increase in Online Revenue
Higher Conversion Rates
Rise in Brand & Product awareness
Greater Return on Investment
Reduced Advertising Costs
Performance Driven strategy

Our Process


Defining your campaign objectives, businesses needs and target audience to produce an in-depth strategy


Planning the most effective campaign structure for targeting relevant target keywords and audiences.


Creating, launching and managing your campaign using our PPC expertise.


Analysing performance data and creating an in-depth report that outlines future recommendations.


PPC works by placing a bid for an advert to appear in the Search Engine Results Page for specific keywords, or on a website with advertising space. With PPC you only pay once someone has clicked on your advert and you can adjust your bid to compete against competitors.

Besides targeting specific keywords, you can also target audiences by location, device and creating a target audience based on set rules.

Yes, one of the advantages of PPC is that you can target customers who are searching for competitor products or visiting their websites. All you must do is ensure your advert does not include their name or slander their brand.

Whilst PPC advertising is most commonly associated with Google adverts, there are a variety of platforms that host eCommerce PPC adverts. Whether it's a text or image based advert, your adverts can appear on:

  • Google Results Page (At the top or bottom)
  • Google Shopping (At the top of the results page)
  • Facebook ( In stream or in a side colum)
  • Relevant websites (top, side, footer banner spaces or in text)


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