Google shopping

Google Shopping

Google Shopping helps shoppers to quickly and easily find your products. It's a powerful advertising platform that puts your products in front of potential buyers and above competitors. Getting started can seem confusing and time consuming, but our experts are here take the weight off your shoulders.

As experts in Google Shopping, we can help to drive sales and increase your return on investment. From setting up your Google Merchant account to successfully managing your shopping feed, we optimise your Google Shop to deliver the best results.

By featuring in Google's shopping feed, you promote your products to a global audience who are actively looking for a product like yours. We make Google your online storefront and help you to secure sales, increase your ROI and inevitably, boost your bottom line.

What you can expect

Greater exposure to potential buyers
Rise in online revenue
Higher return on investment
Increase in the quality of leads
Low cost per click
Detailed performance reports

Our Process


Reviewing current account performance or creating a strategy to set up a new Google shop.

Account Set-up
Account Set-up / Optimisation

Setting up or optimising your account and data feed to ensure ads perform well and relay correct information.

Content Creation
Content Creation

Creating engaging adverts using enticing copy, clear images and detailed product descriptions.


Launching your shopping campaigns and creating detailed performance reports.


By advertising through Google Shopping, we can create highly-targeted shopping campaigns. We can control where your ads are shown by defining target details such as:

  • Target Location
  • Device type
  • Time of day
  • Positive & Negative Keywords

Once we have set-up or optimised your shopping feed, our PPC experts will continue to actively manage your Google Merchant account. We will monitor the account performance, conduct campaign testing and continue to update data feeds and advert content to ensure your adverts stay relevant in the market.

As Google Shopping enables businesses to target audiences around the world, you can use the language and currency that is supported by your target country. If you want to sell products across borders you have three options for language and currency:

  • Target country currency and local language
  • Target country currency and support language
  • Currency that is not native and local or supported language


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