ppc audit

PPC Audit

PPC audits are designed to help businesses to make a bigger impact with their pay-per-click advertising. By letting a certified PPC expert review your account, you can identify new ways to achieve better results and a greater return on your investment.

As a Google Partner agency, we specialise in optimising PPC performance. With our expertise, we help businesses to devise new efficient PPC strategies that reduce excessive expenditure and cut the cost of conversion.

Analysing everything from your budget allocation, to the use of keywords, our PPC audits provide an in-depth review of your account. By highlighting the strengths and weakness of your existing PPC strategy and account structure, we provide smart solutions for improving your PPC performance for the long term.

With the help of our experts, you can start investing in the right keywords and campaigns to transform your pay-per-click performance.

What you can expect

Lower conversion costs
Higher click-through-rates
New keyword & campaign opportunities
Optimised campaign structure
Increased ad quality scores
Detailed competitor analysis

Our Process


Reviewing your target settings and analysing your account performance/conversion rates

Ad Variation
Ad Variation

Seeing how or if ad variation has been carried out and impacted your performance


Analysing the current use and performance of keywords, match types and negative keywords.


Using our findings to create new opportunities and strengthen your existing strategy.


Without knowing about the size and structure of your account, it is hard to give a definite time frame. If your account is relative small and well structured, an audit can only take a few days. However, if you have a large AdWords account with a more complex or disjointed structure, it will require more time and attention to understand what exactly is going on and how we can assist.

Speak to our PPC specialists about starting your audit today.

By regularly auditing your account, you can gain valuable insight into every aspect of your PPC performance. Whilst a PPC audit provides many benefits, the main ones can include:

  • Uncovering new opportunities for improving performance
  • Reducing unnecessary expenditure
  • Removing redundant or low performing keywords
  • Discovering which ad formats perform best

Once the audit is complete, we will provide you with an in-depth report that outlines our findings and recommendations. We will then explain to you how we can improve your account management and get a better return on your advertisement using our new strategy.

Speak to our team about starting your account audit.

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