YouTube Advertising

Video marketing is one of the most engaging and memorable ways to captive an audience and drive a high-volume of leads. Within a few seconds, you can tell your story and sell your products to audiences around the world.

As a professional video marketing agency, we work with some of the UK's biggest brands and growing SME's to develop original and innovative video campaigns. We work with each client to discover their needs and devise a custom strategy that aligns their goals. With us there is no strategy that fits all.

With over 1 billion unique users, 6 billion hours of video watched every month and 100 hours of video uploaded every minute, YouTube is the UK's second largest search engine and undoubtedly a great platform to advertise on.

Our video marketing experts will help you to get the most out of YouTube advertising. From devising a detailed strategy, to creating unique content and producing data reports, we provide a complete service that delivers real results over all devices.

What you can expect

Increase in online revenue
High return on investment
Higher audience engagement
Innovative and creative campaigns
Quick & professional production
Fully-Scalable services

Our Process


Understanding your brief & building a bespoke strategy that fulfils your needs


Designing & producing campaign using high-quality video or animation.


Defining your audience, launching your campaign and proactively managing its performance.


Tracking the campaign performance and compiling the data into one comprehensive report.


Providing a scalable service, we are happy to assist with the full production of a new video or edit existing content. Our in-house creative team, we have professional facilities and equipment on-site for producing high-quality video and animation content.

With most video marketing and YouTube advertising we can control where your adverts are placed and who they are shown to. We can create custom audiences and target either a broad or specific audience. Most platforms also allow you to choose specific places where you would like to display your advert.

One of the benefits of using TrueView is the freedom to customise your adverts. You can experiment with different formats and longer duration times. So, depending on the aim of your advert, your advert can run for a few seconds or several minutes.


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