Pursuit Integration

Make selling your products easier and more efficient with a user-friendly POS system.

Helping you to save time and money, Pursuit is a crucial tool for any eCommerce business. By connecting this user-friendly POS software, you can streamline your processes and create more time to focus on growing your business beyond four walls.

Unlike any other integration modules available in the market, we have developed custom-built plugins for each CMS. Now, our clients face fewer restrictions and enjoy a sales process that is both more efficient for business and enjoyable for customers.

So whether you're looking to centralise your data or simply provide a better shopping experience for your customers, Pursuit integration supports you in achieving your goals. What's more, with our in-house experts, we provide specialist support to ensure for a seamless integration process.

Pursuit Functions

Providing two-way integration between your CMS and Pursuit, our module helps businesses, manufacturers and wholesalers to connect your in-store business activities with the functionality of an online eCommerce platform. From one simple integration, you can access vital information about the sale process, from start to finish.

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Features and Benefits

Quick installation
Real-time data transfers and updates
Easy-to-use Interface
Expert Support
Flexible expansion
Increased productivity