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Google SEO Penalties

Receiving a Google Penalty is not only harmful to your rankings and website performance, but it involves a time consuming and stressful recovery. Our Google recovery specialists have the experience and expertise to help restore your rankings.

We understand that big algorithm updates can catch people out and unfortunately, we know that not all agencies abide by Google's guidelines. But, whether you've received a manual or algorithmic penalty, we have the right strategies in place to support you in appealing all types of Google SEO penalties.

Our SEO team keeps up-to-date with the latest Google developments so that when we are approached to appeal a Google penalty, we know exactly what to do. From reviewing the situation to the final submission of your reconsideration request, we are here to get your website back on track.

What you can expect

Recovery of lost rankings
Help in submitting reconsideration request
Increase in traffic levels
Expert insight into Google's guidelines
Removal of illegal backlinks
Professional review of your backlink profile

Our Process


Reviewing your situation and find out why you have been penalised.


Creating a recovery plan that addresses and rectifies the core issues.


Working on resolving the problem by removing bad links, updating content and improving site speed.


After resolving the issues, we'll help you to submit a reconsideration form to get your rankings restored.


If you traffic levels and rankings have suddenly dropped, it is most likely that you have been penalised by Google. To view your traffic levels, you can check your analytics or to see your recent rankings, you can check in Search Console.

If you've received a Google penalty, speak to our team and see how we can help you.

A manual penalty is when a person from the webspam team removes your website from the search engine results page. This can happen for several reasons and can affect either your whole website or a select number of pages. If this is the case, Google will send you a notification that highlights what the problem is.

An Algorithmic penalty are the most common Google penalties and they are awarded automatically. This type of penalty can be awarded when Google updates one of its many algorithms and unfortunately, your website falls shorts of their expectations. This can include having thin or duplicate content, non-seo friendly features and unnatural links.

anchor text distribution and backlinks. Therefore, if you received a Penguin penalty, you are likely to have spammy or bad links pointing to your website.


Like Penguin, Panda is another of Google's most popular algorithmic updates. Panda acts like a filter to prevent "low quality" sites from ranking in Google. If a website has been received a panda penalty is most likely has bad quality content, poor user signals, low usability, poor credibility and over optimisation.


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