SEO Audit & Reporting

Regular reviews of your SEO strategy can help you to see which activities are supporting your end goal and where new opportunities lie. By discovering your strength and weaknesses with an in-depth SEO audit you can restrategise and focus on driving more leads and more sales.

As experts in search engine optimisation, we specialise in helping small and large scale businesses to create a performance-driven SEO strategy. With a detailed SEO analysis we create a comprehensive SEO report that reviews your whole website performance, including technical issues and content quality.

With our bespoke SEO audits, we can focus on your needs and create a solution that increases user engagement, secures sales and shapes your bottom line.

What you can expect

Reach a global audience
Increase your accessibility
Produce leads and sales 24hrs a day
Build better relationships with customers
Impact your bottom line
Improve your credibility

Our Process


Conducting an in-depth analysis of your website and those of competitor's website.

Technical Audit
Technical Audit

Using premium SEO tools to run a deep crawl and uncover any technical issues.

Content Review
Content Review

Analysing your web copy to find opportunities for optimisation.

SEO Report
SEO Report

Creating an in-depth SEO report that provides a holistic overview of your SEO performance.


Once you have received the findings from our audit, we can start to discuss how we can build a SEO strategy that tailors to your needs. Our web team offer a range of digital services that can help you to improve your SEO efforts. From resolving technical errors, to reviewing your content and building new links, we can help you to boost your website performance.

To prevent your SEO strategy from becoming outdated, we recommend that an in-depth SEO audit is carried out a minimum of once a year.

In doing so, you can review which techniques are contributing to your KPIs and uncover new opportunities. If you regularly review your strategy you can implement new techniques that will keep you ahead of competitors and maintain high search engine rankings.

Covering technical errors, site speed, content quality and much more, an SEO audit provides a holistic overview of your website performance.

Besides highlighting the problematics, a good SEO audit will reveal new opportunities that are presented by recent SEO developments. It can also be incredibly useful for comparing your website against competitors and seeing how it performs in the wider market.


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