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Website Migration

Moving your website from your old to your new host does not have to be complicated and stressful. At Champions Digital, we provide a fast and secure website migration service that successfully move your website without any complications.

As experts in website migration, we create a step-by-step plan that guarantees a seamless move. We keep your website performing as normal by migrating your website during off-peak periods and minimising your downtime. We also carry out intense testing to ensure that your data is compatible with the new software and your website is fully functioning.

With our web migration service, you can trust that your website is in safe hands.

What you can expect

Free migration of all website files, databases and email
Robust functionality tests
Low impact to online activity
Specialist support with domain transfer
A secure migration process
Minimal downtime

Our Process


Requesting access to your existing site or a backup copy.


Planning & carrying out a secure site migration from your old web host to your new sever


Once your site has been migrated safely, we will provide you with your new credentials.


Optimising your site performance, we continue to carry out site maintenance.


The most common risk associated with website migration is the loss of your website history. But at Champions Digital, we ensure that all your files and data are securely migrated to our severs. We carefully construct a secure migration plan and carry out a variety of tests to ensure that everything has been successfully transferred.

During this process, you will be working with three of our specialist departments:

Website migration simply means moving your website from one hosting server to another. It is a process that involves transferring all the data associated with your website, email and domain from one place to another.

We maximise our server security by investing in the latest web hosting technology. Besides providing standard and branded SSL certificates, we invest in extra security measures such as HA Proxy to deter even the most technologically developed robots and hackers.

In terms of recovery, your website will be backed up remotely and on servers that exist outside of our datacentre every day. We also have a strong disaster recovery system in place, to ensure that under any circumstance, your website continues to perform.


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