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Social Media Marketing

Connect with your audience and build your brand with social media marketing.

Revolutionising the way brands connect with their customers; social media has become an essential marketing platform. With the ability to reach billions of users and at a relatively low cost, many modern businesses are now discovering the power of social media marketing.

Specialising in social media, we achieve remarkable results through creative social media marketing. Whether you are looking to build brand awareness, drive website traffic or generate quality leads, we know how to integrate social media into your marketing strategy and support your business goals.

As a leading social media agency, our expertise reach across all social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Instagram. We are continuously spotting new opportunities and using data-driven insights to deliver high-performing campaigns and organic content schedules that build a buzz around your brand.

Why you need social media marketing

In this digital age, social media marketing is one of the most powerful marketing tools. Besides keeping up with developing world and staying relevant in the competitive marketing, using social media to market and grow your brand can be hugely beneficial.

With social media marketing, you can reach millions of active users daily whilst using powerful targeting tools to drive highly targeted traffic to website. By target a specific audience but in mass numbers, social media marketing enables you to optimise your opportunity to sell or create a lead.

Having a strong social positioning will also benefit your SEO rankings. By having positive reviews on your social page and the high followers count, your social media pages become indictors to search engines and help to show brand as credible.

But one of the biggest benefits, is being able to build powerful relationships with customers, complementary and non-competing businesses. You can create a voice that can be heard as thought leader or build an image that makes consumers buy into your brand and become valuable brand advocates.

Social media can help you by:

  • Raising local & global brand awareness
  • Driving high levels of traffic to your website
  • Generating valuable leads or sales
  • Building a bank of consumer email addresses
  • Strengthening your connection with customers

Our Promise to You

Enhanced online presence
Enhanced online presence
Creation of valuable leads
Creation of valuable leads
Excellent return on investment
Excellent return on investment
Greater customer connection
Greater customer connection


As your social media agency, our services can include, but not be limited to:

  • Creating a short and long term social marketing strategy
  • Designing and delivering paid social media campaigns
  • Producing a weekly or monthly content schedule
  • Proactively managing your accounts daily
  • Sourcing quality content and images to share

The cost of social media marketing largely depends on how you intend on using the different channels. If you are wanting to build brand a local brand awareness and engage with customers, costs can be relatively low as you can avoid using paid marketing options. However, you should also expect to create less of an impact as the market is so competitive.

If you wish to make a much bigger impact and drive high volumes of traffic, the costs can vary depending on your audience reach, campaign objective and maximum bid.

Find out more about the costs involved by speaking to our team.

Like all advertising campaigns, the way in which we measure success depends on your campaign objectives. For example, for brands wishing to:

  • Build Awareness: We focus on page likes, post reach, followers, impressions and similar metrics.
  • Drive Website traffic: We focus on clicks to website, click through rate and referral traffic.
  • Generate leads or sales: We focus on conversions, click through rate, cost per conversion etc.

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