crisis communications

Crisis Communications

It can take years to build your reputation but only minutes for it to be destroyed. Having a strong strategy in place for crisis communications can help to protect your brand whenever it is presented with a threat or crisis.

Our digital PR specialists work with some of the biggest UK brands and developing SME's to develop in-depth strategies for effective crisis management. Using our extensive PR experience to foresee potential risks, we devise a plan that carries minimal risks and safely manages any post-crisis threats that may harm your reputation or license to operate.

As a leading PR agency, our crisis management service supports businesses in fighting against a wide range of potential crises. Whether it is a natural financial, confrontational or technological disaster, we know how to protect and maintain your brand and image.

What you can expect

In-depth pre-crisis risk assessment
Sustainable long term crisis strategy
Effective communications during a crisis
Continuous advisory throughout any crisis
Strategic post-crisis management
Expert training and support

Our Process


Discussing your brand and identifying the potential crisis that you may face

Pre-crisis Strategy
Pre-crisis Strategy

Creating a strategy, response documents, holding statements and other materials you need to handle a crisis.


Assessing the crisis, preparing an appropriate response and supporting you in managing the crisis.

Post Crisis Management
Post Crisis Management

Conducting a post-crisis analysis and creating a plan to restore your brand reputation.


As experts in digital PR, our PR team will be working with you throughout the crisis. They will help you to create and follow a strong strategy while supporting you through your situation. Whilst dealing with a crisis, you will also work with our social media team who will help you to respond appropriately and address the online audience.

To measure the effectiveness of our crisis communications, we usually analyse the following:

Outputs and effectiveness of your strategy: We will monitor the media and see how your message was communicated, who it reached and if the strategy addressed all avenues.

Measuring impact: Deciding if your responses had the desired effect and how audiences reacted throughout the situation.

Measuring outcomes: Reviewing the outcome and complete process of managing the crisis. Analysing the effect it has had on your brand, employees, share confidence etc.

Immediately following a crisis, we will work with you to manage any post-crisis threats and to completely contain the situation. Once the crisis has been resolved, we will advise on how to prepare for rebuilding your brand and what steps should be taken.

If you would like us to continue managing your social channels beyond the crisis, speak to our team or see our social media management services.


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