influencer marketing

Influencer marketing

As one of the newest and most powerful forms of marketing, Influencer marketing harnesses the power of influential figures to promote your brand. With the right influencer, you reach an audience that is loyal and receptive to buying products recommended by a person they trust.

Working with some of the biggest online influencers, we help brands to scale new markets and directly connect with their target audience.

Specialising in creating high-impact influencer marketing strategies and campaigns, we go beyond getting your brand noticed. With our strategic approach and creative content plans, we deliver campaigns that drive action and deliver a higher return on investment.

With our strong network of influencers covering a wide range of sectors, we can find the right influencer for every campaign. No matter how niche your market may be, we will tailor your campaign to deliver the best possible results.

What you can expect

Increase in online brand awareness
Successful partnerships with leading influencers
Higher return on investment
Creative perform-driven campaigns
Improved SEO rankings
Rise in online conversions

Our Process


Identifying your target audience and understanding your marketing objectives.


Finding the right influencer and platform for delivering your campaigns.


Building influencer relationships, brand awareness and customer loyalty with smart influencer marketing.


Measuring and evaluating your results to see how your marketing efforts can be optimised.


The cost of influencer marketing often varies due to several factors. Depending on their audience reach and the number of agreed postings, each influencer can charge different rates. But with access to a wide variety of leading social influencers, we can find the right influencer for your business and budget.

After discussing your goals and objectives, our digital marketing team will work with you to find the right influencers. Using their expertise, they decide which platform and influencer will deliver the best results at an affordable cost.

As a leading marketing agency, we are connected to a wide range of online influencers, so no matter how niche your campaign may be, we will get the best influencer for you.

With influencer marketing continuing to be a leading marketing trend, you can find influencers for a wide variety of channels. Our influencers work across popular channels such as:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube


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